Ben Stokes (front) and Ravindra Jadeja (BCCI Photo)

Another Indian Premier League classic! Chennai Super Kings had lost four wickets inside Powerplay overs before the experienced pair of Ambati Rayudu and MS Dhoni resurrected their chase. The match went down to the final over and then…

Ben Stokes to bowl the final over of the game. He has 17 runs to defend.

19.1 Ben Stokes to Ravindra Jadeja. SIX! That’s a ridiculous shot. What power from ‘Sir’ Jadeja. Stokes is stunned, we’re stunned! Spectacular. Full and wide outside off, Jadeja reaches out, throws his bat wildly at it and falls over to the ground as he hammers it down the ground. It clears the fence and that’s a maximum.

19.2 Ben Stokes to Ravindra Jadeja. no ball, 1 run, No ball! That’s a Free Hit! Not looking good for Rajasthan here. Stokes oversteps as he bowls a back of a length ball well outside off, Jadeja slaps it to sweeper cover and gets to the other end.

19.2 Ben Stokes to MS Dhoni. 2 runs, Takes the pace off this one as he bowls it on a back of a length, Dhoni slaps it down to long on and despite his struggle to run, he completes two runs. 8 needed off 4 now.

19.3 Ben Stokes to MS Dhoni. out, OUT! When the time’s come to step up, Ben Stokes isn’t one to shy away. What a comeback delivery. Inch perfect. Couldn’t be any more perfect and he needed that as there’s no margin for error against someone like Dhoni. The Englishman comes charging in and fires in the yorker on middle, Dhoni makes room to smash this but can’t do anything about it as the stumps are rattled.

19.4 Ben Stokes to Mitchell Santner. 2 runs, No ball! Or is it? The umpire signals it, but then the square leg umpire says that isn’t the case. The batsmen take two as Santner mistimes the pull off the high full toss towards wide long on. I’m seeing this for the first time here. Dhoni, from the dugout, has come out in the middle to talk to the umpires. In the end, the no ball isn’t given. A double is taken.

Mitchell Santner walks out to bat with 8 runs needed off 3 balls.

19.5 Ben Stokes to Mitchell Santner. 2 runs, Fuller length ball on off stump, Santner lofts it down to long on for a couple of runs. 4 needed off the final ball. What will happen?

19.6 Ben Stokes to Mitchell Santner. WIDE, 1 run! Are we in for a Super Over? Can it be? Can it really be? Stokes fires it well outside off, Santner reaches out to play but it goes from the other side of the tramline. Wide signalled.

19.6 Ben Stokes to Mitchell Santner. SIX! And Santner finishes it off in style! What a stunning victory. Stunning. Chahar rushes out in ecstasy to celebrate with his mates. Incredible scenes out there in the middle. Santner gets this full ball in his arc and he lofts it high and handsome over the long on fence for a biggie. CHENNAI WIN BY 4 WICKETS!