Humour: IPL fan can't believe 2012 London Olympics over in just 17 days

Nayan especially liked the yellow attire of Indian contingent as it matched the dress color of Chennai Super Kings © Getty Images


Please note: This is a humorous piece – pure fiction.

Chennai Super Kings’ fan Nayan Srinivasan is shocked to know that the London Olympics – with 204 teams, around 10,500 players, and 302 matches – was over in just 17 days. In contrast, this year’s IPL – with nine teams, around 200 players, and 76 matches – had been in action for 54 days.


“What the hell man, Olympics is over!?” said Nayan, who came to know about Olympics earlier this month after he liked a gun’s photo on his Facebook wall, which he later found out to be a note about shooter Gagan Narang, who had won the first medal for India.


Inspired by this discovery, Nayan, a regular member of the so-called knowledgeable Chennai crowd, decided to research further and learnt about London Olympics, Madhura Honey, Ajay Maken and Repechage in the following days.


“It was cool,” Nayan said.


The IPL fan claimed that he was aware that Olympics were around the corner due to news about Leander Paes and Suresh Kalmadi, but lost track soon after as Indian tour of Sri Lanka had started.


“I got busy with making jokes on Rohit Sharma,” he revealed.


“That Mumbai Indians player,” he added.


Nayan conceded that he thought Olympics – with so many participating teams and players – will go on and on and he could read a weekly roundup of news to stay updated. However, to his shock, he found that Olympics were going to end today, just 17 days after it began.


“It was as shocking as Team Anna’s agitation ending last week; came and went even without I could take notice,” Nayan expressed his disappointment.


Nayan, who strongly believes that India could win a gold medal if cricket is introduced as an Olympics sport and Chennai Super Kings is allowed to represent India, is now confused how cricket could ever be a part of Olympics.


“Maybe BCCI should use its clout and try to get IPL declared as an Olympic event,” he suggested.


(Rahul Roushan, is a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, who goes by the name of “Pagal Patrakar” (that’s “Crazy Journalist” in Hindi). Rahul says for him, “satire is an attempt to point out shortcomings or oddities in our society, ideally with a message and intent for betterment, in a non-hostile manner and without sounding overtly accusative or pontificating.” He is the Managing Editor of from where the above article has been sourced with permission)