Ishant Sharma’s famous ‘conjoined twin’!

When Ishant Sharma was born, doctors conveyed the news of his birth to the family: “Aaap key yaha baal paida huva hai. Saath mein ek baccha bhi judva huva hai!”

Ishant’s love for his inseparable ‘conjoined twin’ is well known but all’s not always well as it once famously prevented him a simple caught and bowled chance of English skipper Alistair Cook in Kolkata in 2012. Cook, who went on to score 190 won England the match.

With 178 wickets, Ishant stands ninth in the list of most Test wickets for India, but his ordinary average of 36.75, and frequently faltering line and length, gives us enough hints that twin ‘baal’ often prevents him seeing the stumps too.

For the sake of Team India, let’s hope they make up soon!