Javed Ahmadi:  Everyone back home is hoping we can beat some full member nation in this World Cup

Afghani Javed Ahmadi is a 23-year-old batsman and off-spinner who has played 21 One-Day Internationals. Ahmadi talks ahead of his team’s match against Scotland on Thursday.

Q: Obviously a very close game against Sri Lanka. What kind of confidence has that given the team looking ahead to tomorrow’s game against Scotland?

Javed Ahmadi (JA): Sri Lanka, yes. The last six months we were practicing for that, playing against full member. So hopefully we are ready. The last game was very good for us. We are looking forward for this against Scotland. We will try our best, and Inshallah, we do best.

Q: The results between yourselves and Scotland have been up and down a bit. Last time they had a big win against you. What do you put that down to, and what did you learn from that match?

JA: Yeah, we were looking for to win that match, but we lost that game, and we learned a lot of things from that game. They’re doing good in this tournament. We tried our best.

Q: Could you tell us if there’s lots of interest back at home? Are they following very closely what’s happening in the World Cup? Do you have much contact with people back at home?

JA: Yes, everyone hopes that we will beat full members in this World Cup. And we are trying our best.

Q: What’s the situation as far as injuries are concerned? Is everyone fit for tomorrow, because in that game the other day there were players who were going down injured and a few seemed to be struggling. Anyone who’s definitely ruled out tomorrow?

JA: We have one serious injury in Mirwais Ashraf. He may not be playing tomorrow.

Q: He’s not going to play tomorrow?

JA: Yeah.

Q: Everybody else is okay?

JA: Yeah, everyone is okay now.

Q: How important is a good result in tomorrow’s match for your team, given the tough schedule ahead?

JA: Very important for us, especially because both sides are associate members. Hopefully we can beat Scotland.

Courtesy: ICC