Over the ripples in the bathtub he watched the plastic float,

All he ever wanted was his very own boat.

He huffed and puffed until he got his wish,

He loved his beach excursions where he got the chance to fish.

When the keen little fisherman wasn t out to sea,

The cricket oval was the place he d rather be,

When it come to soccer training it wasn t hard to tell,

That he was as lazy as a toad at the bottom of a well.

Decisions on the pitch where he chose to disagree,

His football career was all over after punching a referee.

Amidst the chaos, he remained calm as deep rivers,

He was unfazed by the surrounding shivers,

Quite harrowing, guns were pointed at his head,

He remained more interested in going for a drink instead.

In the School yard Tangles sat by his side,

Harried girls searched for places to hide,

The swarthy Slav was his partner in crime,

Terrorising batsmen most of the time,

Lassies always within reach,

Their presence felt on their favourite beach.

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Within no time the slingshot was put into action,

Its unpredictability producing an instant reaction,

The old fart renowned for having a say,

Ducking and weaving and copping a spray,

Freddies warning, falling on deaf ears,

The duo becoming the greatest and most feared for years.

As blistering as the Shanghai Maglev,

Left in his wake the great Kapil Dev,

More frightening than Whispering Death,

The Master Blaster had to hold his breath,

As alacritous as The Lion of Lahore,

The voice of cricket believed he was the quickest on shore.

Iron Gloves melted like wax,

No cap could ever relax.

The Don as fearless as a drunkard,

Hit him back over his head in his own back yard.

When you faced the Slingshot you were in strife,

Falling away were the problems of everyday life.

The minnows shaken like a press of spears,

Rib cage bruised and battered and scarred for years,

The ferocious paceman had spoken,

Stop hobbling I ll show you broken ,

The young lads autograph at third man,

Asking if his sister was a fan.

An absolute larrikin who just loved the game,

Deservedly inducted into the hall of fame,

For years batsmen trembled like jelly,

Every summer Aussies watched this legend on telly,

Such gratitude for his family and understanding wife,

Cricket has always been a huge part of their life,

The cricket world loved watching him in his prime,

Jeff Thomson is one of the greatest of all-time.