Just released from jail, Kanhaiya Kumar offers solution to India-Pakistan ICC World T20 2016 venue drama

Just as the cricket crazy fans across the border were waiting anxiously for the India vs Pakistan ICC World T20 group stage match scheduled to be played in Dharamshala on March 19, a bad news has dampened their spirits.

Blame it on the politics of nationalism or political stunt by the opposition, Himachal Pradesh government does not seem to be ready to provide the security to the touring Pakistan team, which has cast a shadow over the match. The backroom talks about a change of venue are in place while HPCA President, Anurag Thakur is in talks with various political camps to ensure that Dharamshala remains the venue.

And amidst this stalemate, a man who has now become a household name has come to the rescue and offered the solution. Yes, freshly released from jail on a bail, Kanhaiya Kumar, the now famous JNU student who is a wide supporter of Indo-Pak relations has shown interest to ensure that the Indo-Pak encounter is not called off.

Speaking exclusively to the writer (his first ever interview after the bail), Kanhaiya said, ‘”India vs Pakistan is an important match not just from cricketing point of view but in general for the public as well. I am already in talks with BCCI and have suggested them to shift the venue from Dharamshala to JNU campus sports ground. Yes, our students will provide the security to Pakistani cricketers and ensure that the game goes on. Do not worry, our ground us big enough for an international game. Adding to that, we will also ensure that there are enough Pakistan supporters too!”

As this interview went viral, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was delighted with this change of plans. The PCB chairman said, ”We are delighted that the venue has been changes from Dharamshala to JNU campus sports ground. This is a historic moment. Thanks to the open minded students of JNU, for the first time, Pakistan will have a decent base supporters in the stands as well in a game played on Indian soil!”

Chief Minsiter of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal also expressed happiness and as per reports he has already booked VIP tickets and shall be seen sitting between Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khaled.

Rajdeep Sardesai was ecstatic with this development and said, ”I will do a live coverage of the match from the boundary line and hopefully it will be a day when I finally beat Arnab Goswami in TRPs!”

The battle is on. The battlefield is ready and now everyone has the same question on their lips as voiced by AAP senior leader, Ashutosh through his twitter account- ”Will the BCCI answer? Will the Modi answer?”

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

[Devashish Palkar, an MBBS student, A sports afficionado, news addict and a patient of OCSD ( Obsessive Compulsive Satirical Disorder)].