Kyle Coetzer: It’s been a learning curve for our boys

Scotland faced their fifth defeat in a row in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and this time it was against the strong Sri Lankan side at Hobart. Vice-captain Kyle Coetzer spoke to the press after the match.  (ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Full Coverage)


Q: Did you think that Sri Lanka targeted Josh Davey?

Kyle Coetzer (KC): No, I don’t think so. I think they just played each bowler accordingly. I don’t think they necessarily picked one out.


Q: Do you think with both disciplines you’ve got a chance to compete comeSaturday?

KC: We’ve got to believe we can compete. I think we have shown with that 100-run partnership and a few decent spells with the ball in a number of these games that we’re more than capable of putting a solid performance. I think what we’ve been searching for is a full performance, a good performance with the bat, and seeing the bowling do the same thing.


It’s tough, you know, with the quality players we’re coming up against, and it’s a big learning curve for a number of our guys, and we definitely are taking strides forward, and I think in that aspect the other associate sides have really shown that we’ve moved forward in the last four years.


Q: Is it sort of tough to drag yourself up off the canvas for one more game, a bout against a heavyweight? Do you think you’ve got a couple of days to do it?

KC: I think we’ve had two big games for us, and we just unfortunately didn’t manage to get over the line. We’re playing against Australia the next game. It’s a huge day for us. Why would we need to pick ourselves up? We’re rearing for it, and we want to put in a real performance and really show what we’re made of.


Q: Have you either individually or from a team point of view given thought to facing Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson and guys that bowl at 150 kph plus?

KC: Yeah, I think definitely everyone has thought about it, but at this stage we’ve done all our training, all our hard work has been put in, and you’ve just got to back yourself to play on the day. The more things you put in your head now, I think that could either put a bit of extra pressure on or make you more concerned about it. We’ve just got to back ourselves. They’re the same as everyone else. They run up and try and get you out. We can’t think much further than that. We’ve just got to back our abilities and the hard work that we’ve put in.


Courtesy: ICC