Liberals slam PM Modi for Cuttack crowd’s rowdy behaviour against South Africans in 2nd T20

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came in for heavy criticism, after the 2nd T20 match between India and South Africa was marred by boorish behavior by a section of spectators at the Barabati stadium in Cuttack. Liberals tore into Modi for watching silently as mobs flung plastic bottles and assorted rubbish onto the field during the latter half of the match.

“This is a clear indication of rising intolerance and majoritarianism in Modi’s India. This is a defeat for freedom in India,” said a prominent liberal.

“Let’s get one thing straight. The South Africans were targeted for the crime of eating beef in Modi’s India,” tweeted another liberal celebrity.

“Despicable act by right-wing Hindutva elements. Will the Prime Minister break his silence and condemn it?” said yet another liberal.

Immediately after the match, while cricket journalists gathered around the two captains MS Dhoni and Faf du Plessis for their take on the game, a dozen Indian liberal journalists surrounded South African batting star Hashim Amla.

“Hashim, how does it feel to be playing in hostile conditions where Hindu mobs are raining missiles on you?” asked a reporter, to which a bewildered Amla replied, “Um, you mean those plastic bottles? Well, I am not sure as nothing hit me. I was fielding in the slips, so…” which was enough for the journalist to turn to her cameraman and solemnly declare, “As you can see, Muslims are forced to field in dangerous close-in positions because of intolerant crowds in Modi’s India.”

While, Modi’s fans have reacted to the liberal outrage with predictable scorn on Twitter, Team Manager Ravi Shastri is thrilled. “This is just what the doctor ordered,” he exclaimed in delight. “I’d like to blame Prime Minister Modi for Team India’s spineless performance in the ongoing T20 series as well. Will you speak up, Mr. Prime Minister?”

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

(Originally published in UnRealtimes, “Unreal Mama” is the pen name of CS Krishna & Karthik Laxman, founding editors of the site which is India’s favourite satire, spoof, parody and humour portal)