Now Nehra asks Kohli if he was telling himself “I’ll make every bowler in the world look like you!”

Indian swearing batting sensation Virat Kohli s recent banter with his senior and cricketing legend Rahul Dravid caused a deluge of awe on Facebook recently. Kohli had shared a photo that had him gazing intently at Dravid during his childhood alongside a recent picture that had him being interviewed by the legend. Kohli stated that Moments like these make you feel grateful for where you are. to which the legend replied, Were you trying to only make eye contact or telling yourself, Buddy, I will do everything you did, but do it even better!

Following suit was Indian bowling spearhead Ashish Nehra, who shared a similar picture of him awarding a young Kohli alongside a picture of them sharing a dinner table. Were you just receiving the award or telling yourself, Buddy, I ll make every bowler in the world look like you. Actually, worse than you! Anyway, you ve been one of India s and more fondly, Delhi s greatest assets. To say it in Delhi s local dialect and in your own style: Aur G*** F*** do, B*** C***! F***te hi raho, M*****C***! captioned the 37-year old.

A deeply humbled, emotional Kohli replied on Nehra s photo, with this comment, I m always used to commenting _|_ when I run out of swear words. But now, Nehraji, I only have this to say: _/\_

The conversation was taken forward by Indian batting tweeting legend Virender Sehwag, who claimed that Ashish Nehra was the new Sir Jadeja, as he could operate Facebook even from a Nokia phone. A smiling (editor: redundant, not needed) Nehra stated that he just caught up with site, from his Windows XP, Pentium-3 desktop at home.

Dravid s and Nehra s gestures won praise from former Indian captain and commentator Ravi Shastri, who remarked that it was just what the doctor ordered. Had it been Sourav Ganguly in their place, well, actually, wait, that wouldn t have happened. Zero results possible. He wouldn t have been there, because he would ve disrespectfully been absent. And that s probably why he s not there either! an angry Shastri thundered, before adding that Kohli s trend is totally giving Facebook the kitchen sink and is likely to go all the way down to the wire. Giving Shastri company was former cricketer and actor Yograj Singh, who claimed that MS Dhoni has never done and won t ever do something like that for Yuvraj.

The trend soon moved across the border to Pakistan as well, with former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq posting this pic:



and asking Shahid Afridi Were you telling yourself even then, Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim. Inshallah, the boys will play well?

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