The 26-year old is thinking of settling in England if things remain the same. (Photo Courtesy: PakPassion)
The 26-year old is thinking of settling in England if things remain the same. (Photo Courtesy: PakPassion)

Things have not looked good for Pakistan Cricket for the past few years and another example of that can be seen from the story of Sadaf Hussain. The talented 26-year old fast bowler who comes from Chakwal who has enough talent to get in the national team has never got a chance to do so. Hussain has 283 First-Class and 77 List A wickets but has still gone unnoticed by the selectors and the selection committees, thereby leaving observers and enthusiasts of the game surprised as to why he cannot get a place in the Pakistan squad for any competition.

The cricketer shares his disappointment in an interview with, and thoughts on the decision to move away from Pakistan for a better future in the game.

Sadaf Hussain’s issues are not just about his breakthrough in the Pakistan squad but he could also not play in the high-profile Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Pakistan Cup that took place recently. He says – “It’s been really frustrating missing out on recent high profile domestic competitions like the Pakistan Super League and also the Pakistan Cup, especially as I have been one of Pakistan domestic cricket’s most consistent performers” stated Sadaf. To him the reasons for being consistently sidelined in major domestic competitions are beyond his understanding. ALSO READ: Sadaf Hussain: When the time is right, I will get my chance to play for Pakistan

Sadaf believes he was bowling consistently in the domestic tournaments but still wasn’t able to become a part of the PSL and Pakistan Cup. He said, “My domestic statistics and record matches any current Pakistani pace bowler and I find it really mystifying as to why I keep getting ignored again and again for domestic tournaments. Nobody has explained to me why I keep getting ignored. If someone would explain to me why I get overlooked and what I am doing wrong then that would help, but it’s just been total silence and that is very disappointing.

“I keep taking wickets and performing whenever I am picked but when it comes to televised tournaments my name is always missing from the list. I looked at the list of players at the Pakistan Super League and the Pakistan Cup and with all due respect I thought I have been bowling better and have been more consistent than some of the bowlers that were included.” ALSO READ: PCB should telecast domestic matches to encourage cricket in Pakistan: Sadaf Hussain

Sadaf’s misery has lead him to think about shifting to England as he believes he deserves the chance to play for his homeland but that is not happening. He said, “It’s reached a point where I feel that I may be appreciated more outside Pakistan than within my homeland and for this reason I am seriously thinking about leaving Pakistan and settling down and playing cricket in England.”

Whilst this may shock some of his compatriots, the fact as he explains, remains that he can have better hopes of being given chances in England where his hard-work and skills will be noticed in a system driven only by merit.

Sadaf feels moving to England has more in store for him and that is where his talent and skills might get due respect. He said – “If only I was given a proper chance I could show people what I am capable of. Last year I was in Birmingham and England were practising in the nets at the Edgbaston indoor cricket centre. I was asked to bowl at some of the England players and it went really well. Afterwards Alastair Cook came up to me and asked me where I was from and who I played for and he was very complimentary about my bowling and wished me well for the future.”

The pacer is just looking for a fair go at selection and wants a chance to prove himself in big domestic tournaments on the basis of his performances in the past. He says – “I just want justice and a fair chance like other cricketers are getting. At the moment I’m preparing for club cricket in England and will be heading there soon, but if things don’t improve for me in Pakistan then I will have to look to settle in England”, as quoted by

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