Poll: Should MS Dhoni give up captaincy to focus more on batting and wicketkeeping?

The first time ever we caught a glimpse of MS Dhoni the destroyer was in a match against Pakistan at Visakhapatnam when Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly sent him at No 3. Dhoni then was young and wanted to make a mark on international cricket after not quite playing that well in his previous four matches. Dhoni hit a blistering 148 against a potent Pakistani attack. MS Dhoni, quit captaincy and maximise the wicketkeeper-batsman in you

Since that performance his graph has always been on the rise until the last couple of years. Dhoni is still one of the best batters in limited-overs cricket and is well capable of destroying any attack. He has led the Indian side for over eight years and has done very well. There are a few who believe that in his twilight end of career, he should be relieved of the captaincy so that the batsman in him can be utilised better.

His recent comments on coming up the order may give a lot out about him trying to become his old free self. With Virat Kohli already becoming the Test captain it looks good him to take over the helm of affairs of the ODI team as well. Dhoni can then go back to playing his destructive self, remember how Sachin Tendulkar excelled when he was not the captain! As for the time being Dhoni can play purely on his wicketkeeping skills as there seems no other replacement who could take over the mantle. Dhoni, who scored a brilliant unbeaten 92 against South Africa in the 3rd ODI at Indore, is an asset to the side, who has done a lot. It’s time he plays without the added burder. What do you think?