Rohit Sharma, here is why people talk about your Test career!
David Warner scored 848 runs for SRH in IPL 2016 © AFP

There is no doubt that Rohit Sharma works very hard on his game and wants to make it big in Test cricket, but Professor Mooshie was livid when he read Rohit’s interview this morning in Times of India. In the interview, Rohit said, “I’m not averaging 15 or 20, I’m still averaging 35!” To correct Rohit, who said he averages 35 in Test cricket, he actually averages 33.18. This margin is enough to declare one pass or fail. By the way, Ravichandran Ashwin averages 31.68 in Tests, of course, that is additional to his impressive bowling average of 25.39.

If Rohit isn’t too unhappy about the number then the team management can let Ashwin play as the No. 6 batsman and field an extra bowler, isn’t it? Not sounding too harsh, like I mentioned before that it is not on purpose Rohit has had failures. Of course, like everyone else he has tried but what does this mean? READ MORE: Persisting with Rohit Sharma in Tests is being unfair to other domestic talents

“I can only look at the footage of what mistakes I’ve made and learn from that. That’s what I try and do. I am not here to please anyone. I am here to play my cricket and make a contribution to team India. If XYZ is not happy with my performance, they can be unhappy. That is fine. I am not going to change because they feel I need to change. I seriously do not feel that way.”

Being positive in your mindset in one thing but making statement like this in another. The XYZ are they, who make you what they are. They are the ones who pay to watch you play. They are the ones, who go and purchase the brands you endorse. They are the fans; mind you, the biggest stakeholders of Indian cricket. ALSO READ: Why Vinod Kambli thinks Mohinder Amarnath is right in calling Indian selectors ‘Jokers’

You are a wonderful batsman and you do not have to change but at least you can be honest here.

When asked about being backed in Test cricket, Rohit said, “It’s very hard to explain when people don’t know… when we’re inside that circle where the management thinks about selection in a certain way. If somebody fits into the XI, then he fits there. If they want to play five bowlers, a batsman will miss out, if they want to play six batsmen, a bowler will miss out. Backing and all that will keep happening, but it is too early now. I’ve just played 16 Tests. People are already commenting about my Test career…taking it to another level. It is fine.”

Let Professor Mooshie, an ardent and honest cricket watcher answer this.

Okay, Rohit, you need to first acknowledge the fact that selectors have been patient with you. Barring the first two Tests you played against West Indies, you average just over 23 in Test cricket and that too for a period of over two years. So, of course, they have backed you big time and 16 Tests is a lot, and many quality players have not played that many in their career. Mind you, there is a queue. The likes of Manoj Tiwary, S Badrinath, Amol Mazumder, Kedar Jadhav among others would have drooled over this. Did they not toil in domestic cricket? A young Shreyas Iyer has been kept out because the selectors still believed in you.

He further added, “I do not know why people talk so much about my Test career. If it happens, it does, if it does not, it does not. There is no need to get frustrated or worried about it.”

You are one of the most loved cricketers and definitely very talented (I did not have to mention that but could not resist), they have high expectation from you and that is why fans get worried and frustrated.

The worried and the frustrated lot are the ones who are sitting outside and deserve to play in Tests ahead of you. Rohit, you better start worrying about your numbers and make the West Indies series count.

(Professor Mooshie is a strict disciplinarian and appreciates cricket played copy book style. Lover of the sport – traditional style, he is a fierce critic, and will lambast you if the mistakes are repeated but if you meet the expectations, he is lenient with marks. Beware of the ill-tempered, gold-hearted professor and buck up as you may just earn his ire. )