Rohit Sharma to retire from Test cricket before making his Test debut!

Rohit Sharma announced his decision to reflect on Sachin Tendulkarâ s impending 100th ton


By Golandaaz


Rohit Sharma today announced that he will be retiring from Test cricket. It makes him the first cricketer to have retired from Test cricket without playing Test cricket.


He said that he had reached this decision after careful thought, consideration and talking to friends, family and Sachin Tendulkar.


Rohit announced his decision at a press conference actually called to reflect on Sachin Tendulkar’s impending 100th. He thanked Sachin Tendulkar for what might have been a stellar career. He said he had no regrets. He said one cannot wait forever for someone of the calibre of Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid to retire.


Reactions to the retirement of a potential future great were swift but mixed:

Sachin Tendulkar: “Rohit is just another cricketer who has retired before making his debut, but I will let my bat do the talking.”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: “Ideally you would want someone warming the benches for two to three years before making his Test debut. From a timing perspective, Rohit Sharma has ensured that the next in line would have enough experience warming the benches by the time Virat Kohli retires. But the important thing is that we follow the process.”


Virendra Sehwag: “Yesterday it was Dhoni and now, Rohit. I think it is high time Sachin got the message…”

Ravi Shastri: “Although the decision was spot on, I just have the feeling that the first half an hour or so of retirement will be crucial. Make no mistake, retirement is a two- paced wicket and the ball tends to stop and come. I would invite Rohit to always play the rest of his life on the front-foot. Hanging back in the crease may just not be what the doctor ordered.”


Shahid Afridi: “I was looking forward to bowling to Rohit Sharma in a Test match, as I had heard a lot about him from Akrambhai.”


Sanjay Manjrekar and Naseer Hussain in a joint statement said, “The elephants in the room are forcing the donkeys out.”

The English & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) released an official statement on behalf of all English cricketers. It read, “We think this is ridiculous; he must be depressed.”

Virat Kohli & Ishant Sharma: “It’s difficult to truly express what we feel. It’s like we are tongue-tied, said the duo, whose fingers were taped to their palms on BCCI gag order.

Sirajuddin Mohammed Alamgir, secretary of the The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) governing council has said that he hopes Rohit Sharma spends his time away from the game in Bangladesh and help Bangladesh’s Test fortunes by playing in the BPL. 

Rahul Dravid said, “I think Rohit is lying. I strongly urge the ICC and the BCCI administer a lie detector test or any half-baked test, but not including the DRS to prove Rohit’s guilt. We cannot let such a massive lie go through the gaps.”

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman said: “We are very close to issuing a tribute (to Rohit Sharma) and we will have our new coach, when appointed, deliver it on behalf of the PCB.”


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