Ronnie Irani plays “Simon” on the boundary line!


To retain one’s sense of humour when things are not going well for you is a rare quality. Ronnie Irani, who represented England between 1996 and 2003, is one such person. England were on the verge of losing a One-Day International in Australia, when he did something that not only got the spectators behind him literally and figuratively but lighten the mood on the field by making his own colleagues smile.

Irani was positioned near the boundary line, when he decided to stretch. The crowd behind him began to imitate him. Irani saw what was going on behind his back and sustained his stretching in various ways. It reminded one of “Simons says” game that all of us played as kids. It was quite hilarious watching Ronnie and the spectators and even the cameras found it amusing enough to capture it all for the audience watching it on television sets.

Irani’s international career had very little memorable moments, but this act of his will be long remembered.