Sachin Tendulkar used to practice in dressing room, says Chandu Borde

Chandu Borde recalled incidents from Sachin Tendulkar’s (above) first Test series as a 16-year-old  © PTI

Sachin Tendulkar played Test cricket for India at the tender age of 16 against Pakistan. His manager on that tour was Chandu Borde who talks about Tendulkar’s obsession with the game.

Borde recalls how Tendulkar was possessed with the game. Tendulkar used to bat in the nets for hours. Sometimes the groundsmen used to complain Borde to ask Tendulkar to stop playing. “Sachin and [Salil] Ankola used to practice in the dressing room as well,” reminisces Borde.

Borde again became the manager of the Indian team in 2007. He narrates an instance where Tendulkar got out playing across the line. The next day he played everything straight.

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