Satire: Bangar, Laxman for Rajya Sabha as replacements for Bangaru Laxman!

â The BJP has become Very, Very Special with our nomination of Laxman (right) to the Rajya Sabha,â opined the party spokesperson Arun Jaitley. Laxman will be joined in the Rajya Sabha by Sanjay Bangar (right) as BJP nominees. © Getty Images


Clearly proving that they are not going to be a mute spectator, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), purported to be the party with a difference, has hit right back at the Congress by nominating cricketers Sanjay Bangar and VVS Laxman to the Rajya Sabha as a replacement for former BJP President Bangaru Laxman, who was recently convicted of taking a bribe of INR 1 lakh 11 years ago.


“You tried to attack us with Bangaru Laxman, we are hitting right back with Bangar and Laxman!” exclaimed BJP senior leader Arun Jaitley. On the inclusion of VVS Laxman, Jaitley said, “Well, what can I say, the party has just become Very Very Special.”


Jaitley added that Laxman would mainly be looking into racism against Indians in Australia, as he felt that was his forte.


On Sanjay Bangar, he said: “Well, Bangar was the epitome of defence during his days. With his temperament, he would make a good Defence Minister for us in the future. Importantly, though, his name is Bangar. I’m sure he is not stupid enough to be a banger, at least in a courtroom, like a recently resigned Congress Rajya Sabha MP. That is good enough!”


The move has raised eyebrows in the Congress party too, with senior leader Renuka Chowdhary smirking, “Look at the kind of people they have taken! The BJP has proved that it is a party which is always on the defensive! It should be known as the party with the defence, not difference. India needs aggressive, forward-thinking leaders like Sachin.”


She also added that it is their party which indirectly decides every move of the BJP. “We nominated a cricketer. They nominated Sanjay Gandhi, sorry, Sanjay…..what’s his name yaa? …haan…Bangar! We said Rahulji will be heading to Andhra Pradesh… they nominated a Hyderabadi. We nominated Rekha… what are they going to do next? Nominate Dimple Kapadia?” taunted Chowdhary.


In response, Arun Jaitley warned Renuka not to cross the Laxman Rekha of ‘bullshitting’. 


(Ashwin Kumar is an untrained musician, singer, writer/blogger, satirist, T Rajendar (pseudo)-fanatic, mimic, passionate about stopping female foeticide)
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