Micheal Hussey – Mr. Cricket! © Getty Images
Micheal Hussey – Mr. Cricket! © Getty Images


By David Bonnici


As much as it pains me to say it, the Australian selectors have made the correct choice in not including Michael Hussey in the World Cup Squad as long as his fitness can’t be guaranteed.


And I say that as a huge fan of “Mr. Cricket”, who has shown time and time again to be the bedrock of the Australian side, and a match winner, in all three forms of the game.


The team needs to be selected on the best available 15 players, and it’s too much of a risk to have a player who is no certainty to play.


Australia has just come off a gruelling Ashes series and seven-match ODI series that I’d argue was two games too long and, like England have suffered a great deal of attrition as a result.


To have one player in the squad who is already unfit to play, when the rest of the side is vulnerable to injury is not an acceptable risk, even if he is one of the world’s top-5 ODI players.


Hussey points out that Andrew Symonds was part of the 2007 World Cup squad despite not being able to play because of surgery to an injured bicep. But that was a calculated risk based on the medico’s estimation of how long Symonds’s arm would take to heal – similar to Ricky Ponting’s situation.


Hussey tore a hamstring off the bone. The self-healing nature of hamstring injuries and the high likelihood of them happening again in the short term means allowing Hussey the same consideration as Symonds is lot riskier.


(David Bonnici has been a cricket tragic since his seeing his first match at the MCG as a child, cheering on the likes of Dennis Lillee, Greg Chappell and Rod Marsh. The Melbourne-based journalist is a former editor of the Cricket Australia match programs and the prestigious ABC Cricket magazine. His desire for competitive cricket meant be probably didn’t enjoy Australia’s dominance during the past decade as much as he should have. Now he lives for every Aussie win)