Sourav Ganguly vs Greg Chappell, one of Indian cricket’s ugliest controversies

During India’s tour of Zimbabwe in 2005, reports surfaced of a rift between captain Sourav Ganguly and coach Greg Chappell.

Thanks to an email leak, the spat was soon on public and the coach and captain didn’t see eye-to-eye.

While Chappell believed Ganguly should have stepped aside as captain, the latter didn’t agree with the coach’s views. Ganguly was then dropped from the side and it led to a furore. Later on, Chappell wrote in his book Fierce Focus, that Ganguly was the biggest “panicker” in the team and he wanted the coach to support him in his bid to remain captain.

Amul came out with this caricature, which showed the then Indian captain wrestling with the coach and both abusing each other with other players helplessly looking. The copy said ‘Gaali cricket’ which sounds similar to ‘gully cricket’ but ‘Gaali’ in Hindi means ‘abuse’.