Tactical or unintentional? Michael Clarke’s rugby-like tackle on Sachin Tendulkar

The Australians love their ‘Wallabies’ and never shy away to show their love for rugby. Michael Clarke was no different here.

During the second finals of the Commonwealth Bank Series in 2008 at Gabba, Brisbane, Clarke, the bowler, rammed into Tendulkar while trying to stop a single after Gautam Gambhir had pushed the ball to mid-on. Clarke succeeded, as Tendulkar was flat on the ground.

Clarke’s dive looked a classic rugby tackle. However, the Indian maestro laughed off the incident and went on to score 91, a match India won by nine runs to seal the triangular series.

The incident did not leave any bitterness between the two champions. In his recently-published biography, Tendulkar lauded Clarke as the best Australian captain he has played against.