Team India's innovative strategy after Perthquake - It's bungee jumping now!

After being shaken by the â Perthquakeâ in the third Test, it is hoped that Team India will bounce back like a bungee jumper to their greatest heights at Adelaide © Getty Images

By Madan Mohan


The early finish to the third Test between India and Australia at Perth has left the team with nearly 10 days to prepare for the last fixture to be played at Adelaide from January 24 this month. Shaken as they were by the ‘Perthquake’, Team India was stirred into action. Having found that the go-karting expedition only spun the team deeper into their downward spiral, Team India has hit upon yet another innovative strategy to get back their mojo: a trip to Cairns for some bungee jumping!


Cairns is the only site in Australia that hosts the adventure sport and is situated in the far northern part of the country. The team is all set to make the journey, perhaps in the belief that their mojo is buried down somewhere in those depths. 


A conversation with one of the rising stars, whose middle finger was lately the subject of much attention, certainly suggested a similar thought process. 


He revealed under strict confidentiality that the team’s performance graph so far appeared to resemble the downward leg of a bungee jump. Team India is known to bounce back strongly from crushing defeats. So the team members hope they will rediscover their spiritual centre in the midst of the jump and unlock the secret to a comeback as they, well, come back up from the steep descent. 


He also revealed that the batting unit planned to synchronise the jump such that they could communicate on technical issues using their hands free, even as they descend head first.  The theme throughout the campaign has been to mix fun with play, be it go-karting or bungee jumping and every minute of the players’ time will at all costs be devoted to maximising their on field performance. It is hoped that Team India will bounce back like a bungee jumper to their greatest heights at Adelaide. 


The source would not reveal if the strategy was masterminded by coach Duncan Fletcher. 


We also spoke to the organisers at Cairns and they assured us there was no possibility of not returning from the abyss in a bungee jump. That would suggest that the smart money is on India for the final Test!


(Madan Mohan is a 26 year old chartered accountant from Mumbai.   The writing bug bit him when he was 8 and to date, he has not been cured of it.  He loves music, cricket, tennis and cinema and writing on cricket is like the icing on the cake.  He also writes a blog if he is not feeling too lazy at