Thank you Virat, for pushing the boundaries of human excellence!
Image courtesy: AFP

There are moments in the history of mankind which leave you flabbergasted, awestruck and you almost want to pinch yourself to realise that it is not a dream. The history of humanity was changed in such moments when ordinary men transcended the realm of extraordinary and became so absorbed in their work that they created a masterpiece. Michelangelo sculpted David, Shakespeare wrote those epic romances, Michael Phelps swum his way to gold and in those moments it appeared as if they were possessed by genius. Such moments became an epoch and in doing so they raised the standards of human endeavour and excellence to an altogether different level. ALSO READ: IPL 2016: Twitterati hail Virat Kohli’s carnage against Kings XI Punjab at Bengaluru.

What Virat Kohli is doing these days seems surreal to anyone who has followed cricket passionately. And even if you don’t follow the sport, the sheer magnanimity of his numbers will make you wonder and create a gap between your jaws almost as big as the one that hides under Kohli’s left glove right now. To bat with 7 stitches on his left hand, the dominant hand of the right handed batsman, and to still score runs and hit those gaps to precision is beyond the figments of imagination.

The surgeon who must have taken the sutures must have wished he too had as skilful hands. In last few months, Kohli has taken the sport to just a different level and may be has time travelled us to the future of the sport itself. 15 years down the line, if someone bats like this it may not evoke the same reactions, for Kohli has already set a new bar, a new benchmark in the sport, at least in T20. It is inspiring to see what he is doing with his art and how well he is using it; he is a painter whose brush strokes create a masterpiece every time he decides to use them. His bat seems to have become an extension of his hands, an inseparable part of his own body. ALSO READ: Impossible to catch Don? Virender Sehwag feels Virat Kohli can.

Many a batsmen have been in that zone but faltered to keep their frenzy in check and succumbed to that genius within them which says, ”Now you can hit everything for a six!” It is here where Kohli stands out. Listen to his interviews carefully and hear him say, ”I thought I could hit everything for a boundary, but I don’t want to disrespect the sport!” That is a very big statement and just shows you how well he has worked on the mental aspect of the game too. He will score a four only when he needs a four, he will score a six only when he needs it, at other times, he lets himself become Usain Bolt and sprints like a hare between the wickets, knowing the value of each run and each ball without disregarding the sport.

When AB de Villiers bats (and though I am his self confessed devotee) or when Gayle bats, cricket becomes a mockery;  when Kohli wields his bat it becomes a poetry so sublime you would want to keep reciting it on a loop.

Kohli is that skilled driver who knows he owns the accelerator and that speed can be thrilling, but for him taking the team to its destination is a more important job and while doing so, he makes sure not to harm the road or other vehicles; he just manoeuvres his way through the gaps and meanders along to the destination, and on his way keeps widening the horizons of human endeavour itself like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. ALSO READ: Jos Buttler compares AB-Kohli to Ronaldo-Messi, while David Warner calls them “World’s Best”.

Is it the best of Kohli? I had thought so a few days back, but he again pushed the limits last night and we may never know if it is his best. He’s being modest these days and confesses that he himself doesn’t know how he is able to do so.

David Warner tweeted last night that even if bowlers bowled with a marble, Kohli would still see it as big as a balloon. Coming from an equally fearsome contemporary, these words are indeed precious.

How long will he be able to sustain this form?  I wish it was eternity but then nothing, not even celestial bodies last for eternity.

But then what is eternity? It is a phase beyond the constraints of time and on every occasion when Kohli prepares himself to hit that inside out shot over the covers, he takes the viewers to eternity.

May it long be that way for Kohli’s best might be humanity’s best.

[Dr. Devashish Palkar is a sports aficionado, news addict and a patient of OCSD ( Obsessive Compulsive Satirical Disorder)].