Sachin Tendulkar of India during a match © Getty Images
Sachin Tendulkar of India during a match © Getty Images


By Nipun Dixit


Don’t be misled by the title. I know nobody can be Sachin Tendulkar. But God came in my dream and told me, “Dude, now that you have seen a great deal of Sachin’s life, I’ll reverse time and we will start all over again from the day he was born. Just that this time you will be Sachin!”


I politely refused!


But why? Sachin has attained the status of being hailed as “God”. Who wouldn’t want to be like him!


I didn’t want to, simply because we haven’t seen the world from his eyes – ever. We always have liked/envied his stature, his Ferrari, his ads, his bat, even his curly hair. But we have never tried to see the world from his side of the fence.


Remember when you failed an examination? How many people recall that… your class, friends, relatives? You failed to make it to the IIT or IIM. Who remembers? How many times have you had the feeling of being the best in your class, school, university, state, yet failed to get a visa stamped that quarter. You missed a promotion this year, how did it feel when your dad told you in your early 20s that you are good for nothing – and now your boss tells you the same!


You keep introspecting and go into a shell when people – most of whom don’t matter a dime in your life – criticize you, backbite you, make fun of you. You are left sad and shattered, and you cry when your own kin scoffs at you. You say, “I feel low today.” It takes a lot from us to come out of these everyday situations and move on.


A lot?! Really?!!!


Now here’s a man standing on the third man boundary in the last over of a World Cup match. The bowler just has to bowl sensibly six balls to win this game. What the man at the boundary sees is four rank bad bowls bowled without any sense of focus, planning or regret. India loses – yet again. In circumstances when he has done just about everything right.


He does not cry, does not show any emotion. Just keeps his head down and leaves the field. He has seen these failures for 22 years now. And not just his class, relatives, friends, but the whole world has seen these failures. We are too immature to even imagine what goes on in that mind and heart of his. That’s why I would never want to be Sachin.


True, he has single handedly lifted the mood of this entire nation umpteen number of times. He has been an inspiration to rise above our mediocrity. Nobody who has ever lifted the willow even comes close to this man’s genius. His dedication and metal strength is unparallel.


This is especially for those people who would have made fun of him again on the night India lost to South Africa. These are people who are mediocre in their own lives, who just scoff at others to generate cheap fun. These are people who have lived in a small hole throughout their lives and thought they have seen the expansive ocean.


Think about the man himself. He is 37 years of age. He has been playing almost non-stop for 22 years. The way he was running and diving around the field on that fateful night against South Africa would have put 22 year olds to shame. The way he played the most dreaded quicks in the world was breathtaking. He just keeps getting better which, by the way, is humanly impossible. It’s not for nothing that people hail him as God.


But still I don’t want to be in those shoes! We struggle in keeping our monotonous lives straight, lives which affect a limited number of people. Imagine what would be the magnitude of the inner struggle for him, pain both mental and physical, tears that have frozen with time, knees and ankles and every other joint in the body that is either bandaged or needs to be attended to every night, eyes that don’t sleep before a big game, bats that have scored 99 international centuries, and still finds expectations from a billion of his countrymen.


And he just converts those expectations into reality. We watch in awe, feel privileged.


Well, I think its time that his team realizes that enough is enough. They have an obligation, not towards their country alone, but towards Sachin as well. They need to win this World Cup for him. Stay assured that he himself will still deliver and leave no stone unturned to make sure India wins this World Cup.


This is not just a game, and he is not just a sportsman; it’s much more than that. Words fail here.


(Nipun Dixit is a Technology Analyst from Infosys (Pune). A Mechanical Engineering from Jaipur, Nipun is very passionate about cricket and music. He loves playing the acoustic guitar and writing songs. Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler are his idols. Though he is a voracious reader across wide variety of subject, he favourites include Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler), the Dan Brown series, Lord of the Rings Trilogy), A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking) among many others. He writes occasionally on actual events in our everyday life that affect us a lot – be it politics, corruption, sports etc. However, he never thought about starting a blog till recently, when started putting his thoughts at