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Dr Stankovsky was shivering like he never had before. He had fortified himself with at least five sweaters. He had wrapped himself in a layered cap and a scarf. His hands sat uncomfortably inside woollen gloves. None of them seemed to work. The January chill seemed to freeze him to the core. Of course, the fact that there was no snowstorm helped him set up tent, but the cold was brutal and relentless. He cast a cursory glance at the solar stove. It would take time. Calculations had told him that soup takes twice as much time as in the Poles. It was going to be a long day…

There was, however, some respite, for there was no dearth of sunshine. The sky was the bluest Stankovsky had seen in many, many decades. Ribbons of pure gold shone through innocent shreds of cloud that hovered lazily in the sky. This was the land of eternal sunshine he had craved for. The unblemished blueness of the sky was matched only by the seemingly infinite whiteness of the ground that refused to budge despite the bursts of sunshine.

The doctor had a sip from the steaming bowl before resting against his sleeping bag. Success, as always, has been sweet. Who would have thought that physics, nanotechnology and biochemistry could be combined to pull off a miracle of this order? It had taken seven hundred of the finest brains across the world to achieve this, something that was near-unbelievable a decade back.

Stankovsky had managed to find access to the human brain. He had found a way to reduce himself to a mere molecule and make his way to a brain, the greatest challenge of them all. The mysterious interiors of one s thoughts can be represented in the form of a terrain. Brain surgery would be reduced to a routine triviality. The human brain would not remain a challenge anymore.

The soup did not seem to work despite the overload of pepper. The atmosphere was too brutal for him despite his Siberian origin. If it continued to be like this he would have to call it quits; and that is something he has always loathed.

Why, oh why did the first brain have to be the most difficult, the most mystifying, the most impregnable of them all?

Why did it have to be the brain of MS Dhoni?