Upset with Praveen Kumar’s PK, N Srinivasan announces VK

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

It’s raining biopics, autobiographies, and docu-features on cricketers – the latest being Virat Kohli. The ​above ​poster has been doing the rounds ​in the social media circuit for quite some time​. Our source within ​the Board of Control for Cricket in India (​BCCI​) have​ confirmed the authenticity of ​VK — the Virat Kohli​-​starrer.

“VK will indeed be produced and directed by Srini sir (N Srinivasan) under ICC Motion Pictures. We will also aid the production and hope it’s no conflict of interest this time. Sir [N Srinivasan]​ is an all-rounder ​who excel​s​ in ​any​thing he does,” said the official, who didn’t wish to be named.

​VK features ​real-​life lovebirds Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. The poster shows Kohli, Team India’s new poster boy​,​with Anushka, who —​ like in PK — plays the role of Jaggu.

Also revealed is the secret of Kohli’s yellow helmet.

“Sir is a creative genius and he added his signature to the 35mm canvas. The yellow helmet reflects his affection to Chennai Super Kings​. Like all great directors add signature elements to their masterpieces, Srini sir is no different. But it’s just an element,” said the official.

He revealed a bit about the story which m​ade little sense. “In this film, VK comes from an alien land in Delhi, where they only speak in slangs. He then meets Jaggu, who introduces him to the glamour world. At this stage, we don’t want to reveal more.”

BCCI never misses an opportunity to cash-in on anything that’s trending or related to cricket. Not surprisingly, the board feels that the players are its property and everything they do should serve their interest.

In the past they have banned players from participating in the Indian Cricket League (ICL) and also did not give approval to T10 gully cricket tournament.

​O​n January 6​, CricLife​ confirmed the ​sequel​ to ​the Aamir Khan starrer ​‘PK’​, this time starring​ Praveen Kumar. This has not gone down well with the BCCI President-in-exile, as the makers had not sought the board’s permission before it went on to sign a cricketer. The board may ban cricketers who are a part of this PK venture.

“It’s a blasphemy. You sign a cricketer and don’t inform us. We are considering strict actions against cricketers and officials who act in this film without our permission,” said the official.

However that didn’t deter the board’s determination to ground their feet in this space as they announced VK.

It is believed that Srinivasan will also contest elections for all of the awards’ jury and will make every effort to make it India’s official Oscar selection for the next year.