Video: Another ‘mauka mauka’ spoof ahead of World T20 clash between India and Australia

India will lock horns with Australia which is supposed to be a virtual quarter-final as the winner of this group match takes it all. The game will be played at Mohali on Sunday and the winner will advance to semi-finals of ICC World T20 2016. The tension is high and people across the country are cheering up for India and trying their best to support the home team.

In this hilarious video, uploaded by V Seven Pictures on Youtube, representatives of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Australia team are seen visiting a travel agency called Katley. The agency opts to offer a 50 percent discount if all three tickets are booked together or else the discount is minimal.

Booking three tickets simultaneously means that the third team – Australia will travel back home as they will lose the next game. The Australian team is resistive and not willing to go back as they wish to play the finals. It’s a hilarious take amid all the pressure and tensions in Indian team’s dug out. Watch the video and giggles guaranteed.