Navjot Singh Sidhu to observe a two-minute silence
Navjot Singh Sidhu to observe a two-minute silence


By Rajesh Ramaswamy

 Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

Communication experts have always said that what is unsaid is often more expressive than what is said. That being the case, here are some of the things that were top of the mind, but left unsaid after the conclusion of the IndiaPakistan World Cup semi-final:


Sach’ is life!

  • What Ravi Shastri didn’t say while introducing the Man of the Match

“Only one man conquered this difficult pitch – Sachin Tendulkar, who milked the Pakistani bowling to the tune of 85 runs…’drop’ by ‘drop’……”

“Ahh…I stand vindicated…now the whole world can see I’m not the only one who’s got greased palms”

  • What the PCB didn’t say after the match

We’re considering whether Umar’s suggestion to have Kamran as the fielding coach for this match was a good idea after all. The Enquiry Committee to sit into this issue will be chaired by Adnan Akmal and  will convene in April……..2014″

  • What R. Ashwin didn’t say after the match…

“I think Dhoni is a very intuitive captain and his selections are inspired”

  • What Misbah didn’t say to the tour selectors after walking back at the end of the match…

“Now do you guys still think I don’t deserve a place in the Test squad or what?”

  • What Kamran Akmal didn’t say to the Indian Sports Management Company Exec…

“Quick …let’s ink that sponsorship deal with Amul right away…looks like I’ve got competition in the squad.”

“As a mark of respect to the Pakistani wounded, I shall now MAINTAIN SILENCE for two minutes” (that was 120 seconds too long for the talkative Sardar!)


(Rajesh is a former fast bowler who believes he could have been the answer to India’s long prayer for an ‘express’ paceman. He regularly clocked speeds hovering in the late 80’s and occasionally let fly deliveries that touched the 90’s. Unfortunately for him, the selectors were talking ‘mph’, while he was operating in the metric lane with ‘kmph’. But he moved on from that massive disappointment which resulted from what he termed a ‘miscommunication’, and became a communications professional. After a long innings in advertising as a Creative Director, he co-founded a brand consulting firm called Contrabrand. He lives in Chennai and drives down to work in Bangalore…an arrangement that he finds less time consuming and stressful than getting from one end of Bangalore to the other)