When Dilshan forgot the law of gravity!

Cricket is a funny game and some cricketers keep proving the clich with their hilarious acts. Over the years, cricket has witnessed great moments both intimidating and funny but on this occasion Sri Lankan cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan unintentionally did something very unusual.

During the ninth match of the Asia Cup 2008 between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Dilshan was keeping wickets when the ball hit him on his head. Well, he only had himself to be blamed. Mohammad Ashraful was on strike when he attempted a slog over mid-wicket to Nuwan Kulasekara but didn’t get any bat on it. Dilshan thought he nicked the delivery and straightaway appealed for the catch. In a rush of blood perhaps, he threw the ball up and keep appealing without realising where the ball is? After few moments, while Dilshan was busy requesting the umpire for a wicket, the ball dropped on his head. Although the ball didn’t do any serious physical damage to Dilshan but everyone had a laugh at his expense. Eventually, Sri Lanka won the game by 158 runs.

Even Dilshan himself couldn’t restrict himself from giggling. Truly, it was a funny moment captured thought lens.