Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan said that his fitness let him down and he is working on it © Getty Images

A much fitter Zaheer Khan is back from France, where he had gone with Yuvraj Singh to work on his physical fitness under Tim Exeter. Joe Williams caught up with the Zaheer on his return back home.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: Tell us about your time with Tim Exeter in France.

A: It was a good conditioning outing. We (Zaheer was accompanied by Yuvraj Singh) worked on our fitness. I think we went to the right guy. Tim knows what every sportsperson needs in this competitive world. This was the first phase of my conditioning. We will go to South Africa early next month. I plan to work on fielding and bowling there.

Q: We hear that yoga guru BKS Iyengar has also played a part.

A: Yes, that’s right. He has been an inspiration and his yoga has helped me in many ways.

Q: How often do you practice yoga?

A: Depends. Once or twice a week, sometimes thrice.

Q: When can we see you back on the field?

A: My next big test would be the domestic season (Ranji Trophy). I want to get back into the Indian team.

Q: There are many newcomers who are making their mark. Do you feel threatened?

A: Youngsters doing well is a good sign for Indian cricket. And if the seniors do the same, then you become a champion side. There is no threat. Competition only helps you do your best.

Q: Do you hope to play the 2015 World Cup?

A: Everybody wants to represent the country. If I am fit and can meet the demands, things should fall in place. My fitness has let me down and I am working on it.

Q: You are not the first cricketer to own a restaurant. What’s the connection?

A: It’s simple. We travel a lot and we get to try different cuisines.

(Joe Williams is a DNA staffer)