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(Akash Kaware is an Indian IT professional, who would've been a successful international cricketer if it hadn't been for an annoying tendency to run towards square-leg while facing tennis, rubber or leather cricket balls hurled at anything more than genuine medium-pace! Watching Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid convinced him that breaking into the Indian team was not going to happen anytime soon and hence he settled to become an engineer and MBA, who occasionally wrote about cricket. A few months ago, sensing his uselessness and constant use of cricket websites at work, his company banished him to Canada. His hopes of playing international cricket have, thus, been renewed!)

Stories By Akash Kaware

Sachin Tendulkar retirement: Goodbyes are never easy, especially when it’s to the last link to your childhood

While book cricket and audio cassettes are now relics of a happy past, Tendulkar is still very much a part of our lives — though not for very long. In about two weeks' time, he will walk out to bat for India for the last time ever. Some of the televisions that will be turned off after he gets out in Mumbai during November 14-18, 2013, may never turn on a cricket channel again.

IPL 2013: Controversies have damaged what has otherwise been a good sixth edition

The trouble with a tournament as long as the Indian Premier League (IPL) which has two games almost every day is that unless those games are punctuated by performances like David Miller’s whirlwind century against Bangalore, or Chris Gayle’s fearsome assault on Pune, or Kieron Pollard’s blinder against Hyderabad, even the most hardened fan would be hard-pressed to recall the results of matches that happened less than a week ago. Even by those low standards of recall, and notwithstanding the performances mentioned above, this has been a forgettable IPL, owing almost entirely to off-field controversies, and some on-field ones.

Twenty20 is a five-bowler game

Unless they have a burly, broad-shouldered tree of a man called Jacques Kallis in their squad, most teams these days — regardless of the format — invariably starts a game with a four-man attack. In limited-overs games, they then hope to squeeze in the fifth bowler’s quota from bit-and-pieces players or even batsmen, praying all the time that the runs they concede don’t turn out to be the difference between winning and losing a game

ICC World T20 2012: AB de Villiers' explosive talent is wasted at No 6

<p><strong>By Akash Kaware </strong></p> <p> </p> <p>Picking a balanced playing XI in a cricket match is hard enough, but once a captain gets past that hurdle, it is important that even within that XI, he uses his resources wisely. This is especially true in a T20 game, where unless you get your batting order right, your best batsmen would be left with too few balls to face, while the effectiveness of a decent bowling line-up may be drastically compromised unless each of the bowlers is handed the ball at exactly the right time.</p>

MS Dhoni's idea to drop Virender Sehwag may yet turn out to be a masterstroke

MS Dhoni has always liked to have the cushion of seven batsmen.

Don't blame IPL & T20 leagues; it's about the absence of lucrative central contracts

Last week, one the same day that Shivnarine Chanderpaul put up a familiar rearguard in the first innings of the first Test against England at Lord’s, two other West Indians distinguished themselves on a cricket field too.

Dravid's exit will not be realised till India next play outside the subcontinent

When the end came, it was typical of the man. No farewell match.

Do we really have to vilify Tendulkar for having the temerity to continue?

The rotation policy that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has chosen to implement in the series has drawn the most flak.

Cricketing world needs to see Sachin Tendulkar come out all guns blazing

<p> Barring some amazing performances in the World Cups of 2003 and 2011, and an occasional innings here and there that turned back the clock, the second half of Sachin Tendulkar’s career has seen him transform from a marauding strokemaker to an efficient accumulator, a journey from Viv Richards to Sunil Gavaskar.</p>

Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma & Umesh Yadav can rattle Australia on a helpful track

Zaheer, Ishant, Umesh Yadav, Ashwin and Ojha that will decide India’s fate in the series.

The mantra for an injury-free career: bowl more, not less!

Greats of the past would tell us, that care needs to be bowling more, not less.

Kambli, Tillakaratne aren't whistle-blowers; sans proof, they are just rabble-rousers

They are doing grave disservice to the game they profess to love

Delhi and Cape Town Tests show age of batting mediocrity is well and truly upon us

The batsmen’s inability to deal with the demons in the pitch and the bowling

Why it's important that redemption lies somewhere in Mohammad Aamer's future

Mohammad Aamer’s fate that breaks the heart of an average cricket fan.

MS Dhoni has to take on a heartless establishment to bring about reforms

Dhoni will have to fight in the corridors of power of the BCCI.