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(Vincent Sunder aspired to play Test cricket, but had to struggle to play .gully. cricket! He managed a league side to title triumph in the KSCA tournaments. He was debarred from umpiring in the gully games after he once appealed vociferously for a caught-behind decision when officiating as an umpire! After two decades in the corporate sector, he became an entrepreneur with the objective of being able to see cricket matches on working days as well. Vincent gets his .high. from cricket books and cricket videos and discussing cricket)

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India vs England 2014, 3rd Test at Southampton: Team India have not just lost a Test but, perhaps, also all respect with no intent to win

India should’ve capitalised on the Lord's win; surrendered to a resurgent England instead.

Murali Vijay's fine hundred against England will be remembered for a long time

Time will tell if the first overseas ton would change what lies ahead for Vijay s career.

ICC World T20 2014: Quotes you did not hear!

Here is the prized collection of the most honest quotes from the ICC World T20 2014.

Why match-fixing and betting should be made legal

Unfortunate has been the plight of the true Indian cricket lover, particularly for the follower of the IPL.  In fact the plight is worse than those in the limelight, or lowlight! And the ridicule heaped on the fan by his/her non-cricket loving and/or IPL hating folks just adds to the misery.

Shocking behind-the-scenes happenings on the second day of the India-England Test at Motera

The country rejoiced the first double hundred by the Cheteshwar Pujara but Virat Kohli was not impressed. Though he played his first Test around nine months after Cheteshwar Pujara had made a fine debut, Kohli feels he has arrived earlier and is now a senior given his exploits in Australia.

Candid Patil reveals shocking manner in which Harbhajan Singh & Murali Vijay got into the Test squad!

As a sense of shock swept the nation on Monday following the selection of India s Test squad to play England, members of the new selection committee met the media to explain the selections.

Was it in spirit of cricket, Mr Sangakkara, to protect Mahela from possible ban?

<p> Sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene has been fined for maintaining a slow over rate in the ICC World T20 Super Eight game against Windies. When their next game came up against England, what do we see? Sangakkara, and not captain Jayawardene, walks out for the toss, since "Mahela has lost three tosses in a row"! </p>

Reactions of Indian players after World T20 match against Afghanistan

By Vincent Sunder The unsung Afghanistan team all but beat India in the T20 World Cup game at Colombo on Wednesday. It was a rude jolt for the Indian team.

Sachin Tendulkar is well within his right to carry on as long as he wants to

<p><strong>By Vincent Sunder</strong></p> <p> </p> <p>As a sportsperson and as an individual, Tendulkar has the right to choose and decide when he will give up the game. He could be playing the game for the love of it, or he could maintain that he needs to earn a living from the money the game offers him presently - directly or indirectly. The reasons can be whatever.</p>

Humour: Selected excerpts from Unmukt Chand's secret diary

The secret diary of the Under 19 World Cup winning Indian captain Unmukt Chand revealed! Here are some of the points noted in the Indian U 19 captains diary.

Why VVS Laxman didn't invite MS Dhoni for dinner at his house

Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni added more fuel to the intense speculation about his strained relationship with VVS Laxman, saying he was not invited for a late night party thrown by the retired cricketer at his residence.

What forced VVS to suddenly quit when he was preparing for the series ahead?

At the age of 37 and with back-to-back poor series in England and Australia behind him, every cricket follower knew it was a matter of time before the career of VVS Laxman came to the inevitable end.

Satire: Rahul Dravid's personal diary reveals real reason for his retirement!

<p><strong>By Vincent Sunder</strong></p> <p> </p> <p>Nobody knows the <strong>real reason</strong> why Rahul Dravid retired in media conference. The answers to that hitherto mysterious question were jotted down meticulously in his personal diary. It makes very interesting read.<em> </em></p>