Virat Kohli’s Masterclass in Hobart: Recounting the Unforgettable 133 Against Sri Lanka in 2012

From exquisite cover drives to powerful straight shots, experience the full range of Kohli’s batting repertoire.

Virat Kohli (Source: X)

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In the cricketing annals, some innings stand out not just for the runs scored, but for the sheer brilliance and dominance displayed by the batsman. One such unforgettable innings is Virat Kohli’s scintillating 133 against Sri Lanka in Hobart during the Commonwealth Bank Series in 2012. Let’s revisit this cricketing masterpiece and relive the magic woven by the maestro himself.

The Setting: The match, played on February 28, 2012, was a must-win encounter for India to stay alive in the triangular series. Sri Lanka had set a challenging target of 321 runs, and India needed a victory not just to keep their hopes alive but also to showcase their resilience in the tournament.

Kohli’s Arrival: Coming in to bat at a precarious situation with India at 2/21, Kohli joined opener Gautam Gambhir, and the duo began the repair work. The Hobart pitch offered assistance to the bowlers, but Kohli’s determination and skill set the stage for one of the most memorable innings in limited-overs cricket.

Masterclass in Chasing: Kohli’s innings was a masterclass in the art of chasing. He combined impeccable technique with aggressive shot-making, dictating terms to the Sri Lankan bowlers. The right-hander showcased his ability to pace the innings perfectly, anchoring one end while scoring boundaries at regular intervals.

Building Partnerships: The hallmark of Kohli’s innings was his partnerships with other batsmen. He stitched crucial stands with Gambhir and Suresh Raina, guiding India towards the target. His ability to rotate the strike and accelerate when required displayed a maturity beyond his years.

The Turning Point: As wickets fell around him, Kohli continued to play with remarkable composure. The turning point came when he was joined by Suresh Raina, and together they constructed a match-winning partnership. Kohli’s ability to control the innings even under pressure was on full display.

The Celebration: The century was sealed with a boundary, and Kohli’s exuberant celebration reflected not just personal achievement but a collective sigh of relief for the Indian team. His 133 off 86 balls featured 16 boundaries and 2 sixes, etching his name in the record books and the hearts of cricket fans worldwide.

Legacy and Impact: Virat Kohli’s innings in Hobart not only helped India secure a crucial victory but also showcased his prowess as one of the best chasers in contemporary cricket. The knock marked a pivotal moment in Kohli’s career, setting the stage for the numerous masterful innings that would follow.

Conclusion: Virat Kohli’s 133 against Sri Lanka in Hobart remains a testament to his skill, temperament, and the ability to thrive under pressure. The innings is etched in the memories of cricket fans as a defining moment in Kohli’s career and a shining example of his unparalleled batting prowess. It stands as a reminder of why Virat Kohli is considered one of the modern-day greats in the sport.

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