Adam Hollioake is caught and bowled by a beauty!

Cricketers, like most men, prefer to keep their fantasies and naughty thoughts  about the opposite sex to themselves or restrict it to private conversations with friends. It could be to avoid destroying their public perception, avoid public backlash or just to avoid the wrath of family members.

Two cricketers who have been rather candid about such matters are Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo — both mavericks and both much-loved by the public. They have shared copious stuff on social media that evokes laughter and shock about their lifestyles. But, then, most West Indians are quite candid with their lifestyles.

Englishman Adam Hollioake joined their ranks with a stunning post – the word stunning is used in more ways than one. Check out for yourselves!  Not only Hollioake, a married man, shared the photo and views, but also made a comment that she “deserves an upgrade”!