Anushka Sharma again congratulates Virat Kohli after India’s victory against Pakistan

The relationship subject between Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma has always found the spotlight, especially since their break up. Sometimes adored, often criticised but it was never away from the glare of fans and media. Since their break up, both have managed to make the headlines. Virat for his tremendous batting while Anushka for some other reasons.

Just like how Anushka wished Kohli on victory against previous encounter between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2016she once again congratulated the Indian batsman for his tremendous knock and India’s victory over Pakistan in the ICC World T20 2016. As reported by (BL), “As soon as the winning runs were scored, Anushka texted a congratulatory message to Virat wishing him on the win,” a source said to BL. Twitter flooded with hilarious tweets on Anushka Sharma as Virat Kohli steerd India to victory against Pakistan

It looks like, both Kohli and Anushka are trying to maintain a friendly connection between them and that’s a good way of keeping the relation alive in an industry where affairs and breakups are seen with one eye.