BCB chief Nazmul Hassan disappointed with Taskin Ahmed’s ban, feels grave injustice by ICC

Bangladesh’s talented speedster Taskin Ahmed was reported for suspect action and subsequently banned from bowling in international matches in the middle of ICC World T20 2016. Taskin is regarded as one of the most potent and skilled pacers in world cricket and his sudden suspension have struck Bangladesh by storm.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hassan is disappointed and unwilling to accept ICC’s call to hang up Taskin from putting in the hard yards in international cricket. Hassan thinks the suspension is absolute injustice towards Bangladesh cricket.

Hassan was quoted in a reports from IANS saying,  “What happened with Taskin is a first in cricket history. I always knew the ICC rule was that a bowler is suspended if he bowls illegal deliveries in a match. But now it seems he can also be suspended if he does not bowl illegally in a match.” Also Read: BCB appeals to ICC to reconsider suspension of Bangladesh bolwers Taskin Ahmed, Arafat Sunny

Hassan further added saying, “The match referee said all his deliveries (in the Netherlands match) were suspicious. But after going to the laboratory, they saw none of them was illegal. So it teaches us a new lesson, even if a bowler does not bowl a single illegal delivery in a match, he can still be suspended in international cricket”

Hassan further shed light on Taskin’s importance and said, “If there is talk of a jolt for Bangladesh cricket, this is it. Bangladesh cricket has finished. You see Taskin is our main bowler. The crucial things is he is our fastest bowler. He bowls faster than 140 kmph. He has bowled brilliantly in the last few series’. His action was never questioned before, but it happened now. I feel it has been a severe injustice. But I still think Bangladesh were remarkable against Australia and India.”

Hassan further said that ICC can justify it’s move to ban Taskin and Sunny by imposing a ban on couple of good bowlers of any team in the tournament without them having delivering any illegal deliveries in a game. But Hassan trusts Taskin’s abilities and expect him to make a comeback after overhauling the next evaluation. He said, “I am confident he will pass (the test). Even if we send him tomorrow (to take the test), he will pass it. But it is unfortunate he could not play the World T20.”