Biopic director Neeraj Pandey reveals an interesting story about prankster MS Dhoni

With only a month left for the release of India’s eagerly awaited movie of the year — ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’, a series of interesting stories have been revealed about MS Dhoni. After a constant interval, Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput or director Neeraj Pandey are coming up with an interesting anecdote, which is in a way of promoting the movie. ALSO READ: MS Dhoni bags INR 80 crore for rights of his biopic!

Dhoni used to work as TTE at Kharagpur Railway Station of Jharkhand, which is famous for being the former longest railway station in the country. After getting the job, Dhoni and his roommates used to play ghost pranks at night with motorists.

As reported by Sportskeeda, director Neeraj recently revealed a story about those pranks that Dhoni and his friends used to play during his working days and said, “The tallest of them, wrapped up in a white sheet, would stand under a lamp post waiting for someone to come along the road. The driver would brake to a sudden halt on seeing the ‘ghost’ who would then run towards the car, causing him to desperately press down on the accelerator as he attempted to flee. As they watched the tyres screech and the car skid, Dhoni, and his roommates would guffaw in the shadows, later patting the ‘ghost’ for a job well done.” ALSO READ: MS Dhoni’s tips to fan on how to remain ‘calm and cool’ during exams

Neeraj also spoke about the view from Dhoni’s house from where he used to look at the ground from the balcony. He said, “They moved houses a few times and one of them overlooked a cricket ground. Dhoni would stand on the balcony and watch matches, never imagining that one day he’d play a Ranji match on the same ground.”