Comedy of errors: When a celebration turned into an injury on cricket field

A bowler is often rejuvenated after scalping a wicket and what follows is a might celebration. But how frequently have we seen a joyful celebration turning into an ugly injury. On this occasion, a comedy of errors took place when Olly Stone found himself in an embarrassing situation after picking up at an hideous injury right after scalping Moeen Ali’s wicket. READ MORE: Deep Dasgupta: 10 facts about Bengal captain who led them to two consecutive Ranji Trophy finals

In a T20 match between Northants and Worcestershire on Friday, Stone got rid of the on song Ali in the fourth over. But an excessively enthusiastic celebration ended into a freakish injury as he landed inelegantly on his knees and had to be carried away from the field after he opted to continue the over but buckled in his run up. READ MORE: Mike Gatting – 7 jokes on England’s most controversial characters

After a medical observation, Northamptonshire declared that Stone has damaged his ACL and cartilage. The series of photographs below is a commemoration of the incident captured by the shutterbugs, take a look here: READ MORE: Video: Compilation of top 10 cheating instances in cricket history

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Physio Barry Goudriaan was quoted in a report from in a statement saying,”We will do all we can to support Olly through a programme of treatment and recovery. He couldn’t be in better hands with our local consultant Professor Bill Ribbans and now Mr Andrew Williams in London.”

Stone also tweeted: