Dale Steyn surfs the ocean like a pro!

Dale Steyn knows a thing or two about generating thrills on land — specifically when he has the cricket ball in hand. But the dreaded South African pacer gave unimpeachable proof that he can generate as much thrills while on water.

Steyn shared an aerial video on his Instagram account in which he is seen surfing like a pro on Jeffreys Bay, a serfdom located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The town is situated about an hour’s drive southwest of Port Elizabeth.

Steyn loves the ocean. “I think the ocean is amazing. It can be flat and still and very quiet and calm, and then in the worst seas it can be scary, and it’s got that ability to change very quickly. It’s also got the ability to offer you a lot of things in life. You can fish and eat. It’s got that ability to take that away from you very quickly. I feel like that’s what I have. When I am off the field, I am the calm, very quiet kind of easy-sailing ocean, and then when I am on a hot streak with a cricket ball, I can be the most disastrous waters you have ever been in,” he told ESPNCricinfo in an interview earlier this year.