Harbhajan Singh raises concerns over road safety due to overloaded trucks

Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh knows a thing or two about trucks. It’s a known fact that how tired of not being picked for the national side prompted him to consider quitting cricket and moving to the United States to drive trucks for living. However in a remarkable turnaround, he became one of India’s star cricketers. Now that’s a different story.

Overloaded trucks in India are a very common sight. It directly affects the axle of the truck’s wheels, which not only results in fatal accidents but also stands as one of the major reasons behind the destruction of roads and bridges in the country. As per Motor Vehicle act 1988, overloading is an offence under section 113/114/115. Despite of such laws in India, overloading of trucks can be seen on National Highways frequently. In the last year’s season of Satyamev Jayate, hosted by Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, this issue was highlighted upon.

On Friday, Harbhajan took to his official Twitter account and posted a picture of an overweight truck which was almost falling towards left and raised questions about the same. It’s important for celebrities like Harbhajan to come out in the open and raise these issues in order to have better road safety in a country which sees more than a lakh people losing their lives in road accidents every year.