Hilarious: Watch MS Dhoni explain the famous Sreesanth catch from 2007 T20 World Cup final

2007 was the year when many Indian cricket fans went mad over India’s disastrous performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. In the same year, the same fans once again went crazy over Indian team but this time because of the right reason as national team had won the first Twenty20 (T20) World Cup tournament and that too in a thrilling final. ALSO READ: Watch how Sushant Singh Rajput irked MS Dhoni while filming ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’

The importance of that final match, especially that final catch taken by Sreesanth is incomparable. In a moment of few seconds, Indian fans’ mood shifted from shock to joy and all that because of that catch. The heartbeat of every Indian fan was surely high on that ball and one can never imagine what captain MS Dhoni was feeling at that time.

During the trailer launch of the movie ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’, which is based on him, he explained what was going on in his mind when that heart-stopping moment was happening. It all started with a question asked by a fan at the trailer launch which Dhoni answered very modestly and wittingly in his own style by saying, “Talking about that final catch of World T20 2007, when I watched it on TV in the highlights, even my heart beat was up and the way everyone was focusing on that ball, I thought this is gone; this will go for a one-bounce four. But actually I was there when the match was going on.” That was followed by a round of laughter among the fans and Dhoni himself. ALSO READ: Watch how Sushant Singh Rajput trained hard to essay the role of MS Dhoni

Dhoni continued, “When Misbah played that shot, ball went up and I saw that it is going at not so good pace. There was not much pace in it. Then I saw Sreesanth at short fine leg and before reaching the point to take the catch, he had already tumbled two-three times. I thought that if this one is dropped then no idea what is going to happen. But I feel, easy catches are the most difficult ones in cricket because when you are watching the ball, everything comes in front of you. If dropped then this will happen, that will happen and the ball is slowly coming down. That’s why we say, being in the present is important but our mind is so strong that it takes us here and there. So, I feel that was one of the toughest catches.”

The Indian captain further explained the famous six to win the 2011 World Cup final and why it was a big relief, “Because wherever we used to go, everybody used to ask the same thing, sir we have to win the World Cup, why, because India is hosting. I said, host teams have never won a World Cup till now. So winning was important, but after some time it was important for us to have fun as everyone used to ask the same question.”