Imam ul Haq accused of having multiple affairs; Whatsapp chats leaked on Twitter

Pakistan opener Imam-ul-Haq has found himself in a controversy after a Twitter user shared Imam’s personal Whatsapp chats allegedly of him having multiple affairs and cheating on girls.

The user leaked his WhatsApp chats with several girls alleging that the cricketer had exploited them. While the original tweets have now been deleted the screenshots have gone viral on social media. This is the latest incident of a cricket player embroiled in a controversy of this nature, after Indian pacer Mohammad Shami was accused by his then wife Hasin Jahan of adultery last year.

Imam is drawing a lot of flak over the issue on social media, but he also seems to have found support as well. Many social media users believe that none of the messages hint towards harassment or physical abuse by the cricketer.

Those messages does show “Imam’s a liar, womanizer & flirt but none of the allegations are of abuse or physical violence, in-fact all these are consensual”

Last year, Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan accused him of torturing her both mentally and physically. She also accused him of cheating on her for over two years. As per reports by NavBharat Times and ABP Live, Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan shared a series of photos and screenshots of Shami’s alleged extramarital affair on her Facebook wall. Some believed it to be true, while others rubbished the allegations. However, Hasin Jahan added: “Whatever I have posted is just the tip of the iceberg. Shami’s acts are far more heinous. He has relationships with multiple women.”