Legends and Playboys: Shane Warne meets Charlie Sheen
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Reputed as womanizers and supremely talented in their respective fields, Shane Warne and Charlie Sheen are two names that top your mind when you think of the word ‘playboy’ in the showbiz. The duo caught up in the UK on Sunday, where superstar Sheen was holding an event, ‘An evening with Charlie Sheen’, hosted by reputed journalist Piers Morgan. ALSO READ: Like father, like son: Shane Warne’s son Jackson following father’s footsteps, albeit outside cricket

An excited Warne posted the following picture on Instagram and wrote, “Great to meet this #legend @charliesheen ! Great night ahead #winning Hahahah”

Great to meet this #legend @charliesheen ! Great night ahead #winning Hahahah

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The show was conducted at London’s Theatre Royal where Morgan interviewed Sheen and followed it up with a Q&A from the audience.

The American actor of Two and Half Men fame and the legendary Australian cricketer are both in UK and then crossing paths is bound to create headlines. READ MORE: Shane Warne’s nine sensational sexcapades

Warne was a part of the audience and praised Sheen for his honesty. Earlier this year, Sheen revealed that he had been diagnosed with HIV.

Meanwhile, Warne is finding himself back to the headlines for reasons apart from cricket as he was recently spotted enjoying a smooch from blonde bombshell in London.