Michael Clarke lambasts John Buchanan and Andrew Symonds; compares the former coach with his “dog”

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke, who signed off his international career with two contrasts — World Cup 2015 win and Ashes defeat — has publicly criticised his former teammates Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds and slammed former Australian coach John Buchanan, saying even his dog could have done what Buchanan did for Australia.

Clarke’s outburst came in his Ashes Diary 2015, which was released this week. His bold statements suggest that he was particularly upset with his teammates and coach who apparently took public swipe at him after he announced his international retirement in August.

He described the “pot shots” thrown at him by Hayden and Symonds as a “low act” and also criticised the media for taking constant digs at his leadership. Let’s take a look at what Hayden, Symonds and Buchanan said about Clarke and how the Pup reacted:

Matthew Hayden had said, “I’ll never forget the day that Justin Langer couldn’t go bat-pad because he had head injuries. We needed someone and usually it goes to the youngest in the side. He (Clarke) said – ‘If I have to wear that, I will hand my baggy green back.’ Michael always had really strong opinions and sometimes they ruffled feathers, including mine.”

Michael Clarke’s reply, “I think I’ve shown over the past 12 years how much I’ve valued representing my country and how much my 389 baggy green means to me. If Ricky had asked me to jump off the Harbour Bridge, I would have jumped. I loved playing for Australia that much.”

Andrew Symonds had then said, “To me, he (Clarke) wasn’t as natural leader as we’ve had in the past. It was very easy to fall in behind a Steve Waugh or Ricky Ponting when asked to do something. They were the sort of men that didn’t need to say a great deal. Michael’s got a completely different style, which he’s entitled to. I didn’t play a great deal of cricket under him. I played quite a lot with him, but he’s got his style.”  Read more: First Matthew Hayden and now Andrew Symonds takes a dig at Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke’s reply: “Andrew Symonds went on TV to criticise my leadership. I’m sorry, but he is not a person to judge anyone on leadership. This is a guy who turned up drunk to play for his country. It’s pretty rich for him to be throwing rocks.”

John Buchanan had questioned Clarke’s “Baggy Green ethics” and said,  “Players like Steve Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting and others really tried to make the Baggy Green culture something special, but I could sense it was under threat and under Michael’s captaincy, I can sense it has disappeared a bit and that disappointed me.” Read more: John Buchanan joins the party; slams Michael Clarke’s ‘Baggy Green ethics’

Michael Clarke’s reply: “I don’t think John knows a thing about the baggy green, having never worn one. He’s still living off the fact that he coached a team that anyone, even my dog Jerry, could have coached to world domination.”