Murali Kartik, Zaheer Khan and Vikram Solanki meet in the UK
Image courtesy: Kartik Murali (Twitter)

In the 2000s, they formed a vital part of their respective national teams. While Zaheer Khan was India’s spearhead, Murali Kartik spent a major time under the shadows of the more established Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh. Vikram Solanki, a cricketer of Indian origin, was an important part of England’s One-Day International (ODI) setup.


With the busy schedules in contemporary cricket, players travel to different parts of the globe and hence it becomes very tough to meet old friends. They may have had some interesting duels on field but off it, they are good buddies. Zaheer, Karthik and Solanki managed to catch up over dinner in the United Kingdom.


Karthik posted a selfie of the trio on Twitter: