Naughty Chris Gayle clicks a ‘spy-selfie’
Image courtesy: Chris Gayle (Instagram)

If there was something called the ‘fun-ambassador’ of the game, Chris Gayle would have clinched it for sure. Jovial, fun-loving, party animal, mischievous, etc. are many a words that can be used to describe the maverick Jamaican. He underwent a back surgery recently but never lets the pain take over his happiness. [Also Read: Chris Gayle flaunts his “new toy”]


Gayle’s two caring nurses Tasha and Ozelle have been taking care of him and monitoring his fitness. The big Jamaican knows how to make the most of his painful times.  Before hitting the bed, Gayle clicked a selfie, with his nurses unaware as they themselves are indulged in pouting for one. When you click a selfie with your subjects unaware, what do you call that? ‘A spy selfie’? [Also Read: Out of hospital, Chris Gayle now gets treatment from his ‘night nurses’!]


Whatever it is, he posted the picture on Instagram and wrote, “They don’t even know I’m taking a selfie too … Anyway I’m sleepy so it’s bed time… I think 1 nurse need to leave my bed they keep me up at nights to make sure I’m ok.” [Also Read: These beautiful nurses even changed Chris Gayle’s underwear!]


Gayle will not be seen on the field for few months or on the dance floor. If a half-fit Gayle is so energetic, imagine what happens when he regains full of it. The cricket fields and the party floors are all awaiting that day! [Also Read: Chris Gayle thanks God and the doctors for the successful surgery]