Susan Rice, Clive Rice’s wife, gives thumbs-up for cyberknife treatment as option to battle cancer
Image courtesy: Clive Rice (Facebook)

It takes a heart of gold to think of the masses less than a day after losing a close family member. Within 24 hours of her husband, the great Clive Rice passing away, Susan Rice took her Facebook account to dispel any doubts that may have given rise that the cyberknife treatment that Clive underwent in India as part of his treatment for cancer, was a waste of time, energy and money.

Susan wrote on her Facebook page today: “To everyone who has sent their strength, love and prayers through, the family would like to thank you very much. It means a huge amount to us and all the support is just overwhelming.
“We however would like to clear something up, and know that Clive would have wanted this said, as it gives, and should give people hope as well as another option to fighting cancer. The CYBERKNIFE treatment that Clive had in India WORKED.

“His brain tumor was given the all clear last week, however he was put on chemo to try and fight a spot on his lungs that had been there for a few months. On Monday he got septicemia and coupled with a low immune system and low blood count, there was little chance of survival. He fought the whole of Monday night and passed away on Tuesday morning. Please keep Cyberknife as an option, as it did work. Once again, thanks to everyone for all the support.” [Clive Rice looking forward to leaving Bangalore hospital and back to South Africain good-health]