The secret behind the only beige seat in a sea of blue at MCG

The second quarter-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup between India and Bangladesh will be played at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground(MCG) on Thursday. The winner of the match will be the second to enter the semi-final stage after South Africa. (ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Full Coverage)

There are many facts associated with the MCG, to name a few; it is regarded as one of the premium sporting arenas in the world with a history of over 150 years! The stadium has a capacity of approximately 100,000. One such interesting fact about the ground was uncovered by CricLife’s Gaurav Joshi and Nishad Pai Vaidya. They brought out the secret behind the only beige-coloured seat in a sea of blue in the stands.  (READ: Sri Lanka vs South Africa, first quarter-final in Sydney in caricatures)

Apparently, the differently coloured-seat symbolises the huge, record-breaking six hit by Australian all-rounder Simon O’Donnell in a Sheffield Shield match against New South Wales. The maximum measured approximately 122 meters and the record stands unbroken even today, after 25 years. (READ: The final standing in the groups and the line-up for the quarter-final)