Video: Damien Martyn, Scott Styris go for an auto-rickshaw ride in Chennai

The Aussie-Kiwi rivalry is all at the ground. Off it, most of them share good camaraderie and their tiffs are more of sibling-like. Australia’s Damien Martyn and New Zealand’s Scott Styris played international cricket in the same era and shared many intense duels on ground but Indian Premier League (IPL), not only unites the players but commentators too. [Also Read: Kohli, Harbhajan and Binny go for a ‘tuk-tuk’ ride in Colombo]


Both of them, who are now commentators, were a part of the IPL broadcasting team this year. On their day off, they decided to board an auto-rickshaw in Chennai.


Popular faces in India are likely to get mobbed but the duo were lucky on this front. They  also spoke to the rider who claimed to have met people from New Zealand.


Martyn, a stylish batsman in his hey days, posted the video on Twitter: