Watch Sourav Ganguly hitting back at Ravi Shastri; even Twitter reacted to this ugly episode

You do not needle a resting tiger. Even if you do, you do it once and sit quietly. Ravi Shastri will now have to pay for his unwanted comments on Sourav Ganguly, a man who had a reputation for talking straight and getting into numerous tiffs during his playing days. 

Here is what happened: Ganguly is a part of the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee (CAS) alongside Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman that was given the responsibility of choosing the Indian head coach. Shastri, who had served as the Team Director for over 18 months was the favourite to nab the job, but eventually the panel chose Anil Kumble.Shastri gave his interview from Bangkok. 

Shastri congratulated the former leg-spinner but did not hide his disappointment. 

Shastri said: “It is like planting a tree and then cutting it down just as it’s beginning to bear fruit. We had done the hard work overseas, and now, after the upcoming tour of the West Indies, we have a lengthy home season, where we could have really turned the screws. But it’s not to be, and that’s life.” 

Shastri’s revelation on Ganguly’s absence during interview: “Ganguly wasn’t there when I was interviewed.”If he was present, he would have asked some questions. I wish he was there,” 

Ganguly does not comments: “The (coach selection) interview is absolutely confidential. I don’t want to talk about Shastri’s comment. You should also ask the other members of the (cricket) advisory committee.” 

BCCI’s clarification on being aware of Ganguly’s absence: An official told ESPNCricinfo, “He [Ganguly] had told the committee that he had some commitment, and after sometime, he came back. In any case, he was kept in the loop and the panel told what Shastri said during his presentation. Importantly, all other members of the committee were present when Shastri was interviewed.” 

Shastri when asked in an interview with TOI, if all is well between him and Ganguly: “All I can say is that Ganguly wasn’t there when I was interviewed and you should ask what problem Ganguly has with me instead of asking me.” 

Shastri to India Today: “It’s nothing to do with Sourav, but I am disappointed because that person was disrespectful of the candidate who was going to be interviewed and disrespectful of the job he was entrusted to do.” 

Shastri’s advice to Ganguly: “Next time be in the meeting when someone is being interviewed for such a top post”. 


Ganguly had it enough. Expressing his disappointment to the media, Ganguly lashed out at Shastri on Wednesday and said, “If Ravi thinks because of me that he is not the coach of Team India, then he is living in a fool’s world. Ravi has made a personal attack which was not expected and is very saddening.” 

“I am extremely surprised and saddened on the comments of Ravi Shastri. It was already previously decided that I will attend the CAB working committee meeting on the day of these coach elections.” 

Ganguly’s advice: “I say this with anger that my counter piece of advise to Shastri is that he should have been present physically and not holidaying in Bangkok for such an important event. Ravi should have shown some more maturity before going public about it.” 

There in Bangkok, we do not know if Shastri had expected this massage message.

Earlier, former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar took a dig at Ravi Shastri’s comment and tweeted: