What made Rohit Sharma nervous the night before he slammed record 264?

In the current world of cricket, Rohit Sharma is definitely one of the most attractive batsmen to watch. He also is one of the best exponents of the limited-overs format and over the years, he has emerged as one of the pillars of India’s batting line-up.

He is the only cricketer to score two ODI double hundreds and his 264 against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens stands as the highest score in this format. However, he spent a sleepless night ahead of the game.

Rohit suffered a finger injury in England in August 2014 and was out of the side for over two months. Making a comeback from serious injury is never easy and Rohit was not sure if he would be able to hold the bat with the same power again. In an interview with Times of India, Rohit revealed, “I was so nervous about it in the night before the game that I was thinking about how I’d bat, what would be my game plan? Would the finger affect my performance or strokeplay? But, on the match day, I went with an open mind, without thinking that I was injured for the last three months.” Also Read: Robin Uthappa’s huge role in Rohit Sharma’s magum opus

It was then that he stopped focusing on his finger and played his natural game. The rest is history as he went on to play one of the greatest knocks every witnessed in the ODI format.