When Chris Gayle exposed himself to a woman during the World Cup
The score-sheet that will be auctioned some day. Courtesy: Sarang Bhalerao’s Twitter account

West Indian hard-hitter Chris Gayle has found himself in all sorts of trouble after asking Network Ten journalist Mel McLaughlin out for a drink in an on air interview during the Big Bash League match at Hobart. Due to this action of his, Gayle has faced a barrage of criticism on social media whereas there are others who think the other way around. He was fined A$ 10,000 by his BBL franchise Melbourne Renegades. Also read: CA, BBL criticise Chris Gayle’s behaviour; cricketer says it was just a “joke”

The news was still hot when another incident sparked according to which Gayle improperly exposed himself to a woman in the dressing room during a training session in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

The Australian was working with West Indian team and spoke in detail about the incident to Fairfax Media. According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald, during her routine work, she entered the team’s dressing room while thinking that the team would be busy on the field practising. She entered the room in search of a sandwich as hunger compelled her to do so. Inside the room she saw Gayle with another player wrapped in a towel. As she was searching for a sandwich, Gayle pulled down his towel and showed her his genitals and asked, “Are you looking for this?”  Also read: Chris Gayle’s “pockets are empty” after A$ 10,000 fine but he continues to impress on Instagram

The incident was brought to West Indies team manager Richie Richardson attention but Gayle’s name was not revealed. But Richardson sent a mail to the team and asked them to treat the women working around them with due respect. The female employee who faced such actions wishes her identity to be kept confidential. She raised her voice in order to support Mel and was quoted saying, “In support of [Channel Ten reporter] Mel McLaughlin last night, and to support the many other women working as career professionals in sport who shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of treatment. It’s that moment when you have a split second to react. I was shocked, and I just walked out. You put yourself in an office environment in Australia, and there’s no way that’s going to fly. Put yourself back in that deserted change room and it’s somehow OK for a career professional to be subjected to sexual jokes and demeaning advances.”

Speaking about Richardson, she said, “He [Richardson] was 100 percent supportive of me. I had his absolute apologies and support.”

Richardson along with Gayle’s management didn’t prefer to comment on the accusations and Richardson was quoted saying, “At this point I have nothing to say about that or about what happened with Chris Gayle [in Hobart].”

Pakistani batsman Shoaib Malik also expressed his discomfort over this incident and tweeted:

Gayle scripted history when he plundered a record 215 in the World Cup game against Zimbabwe. Gayle was hailed for his maverick knock and has been renowned worldwide, on this the woman said, “It makes me sick that people like that are emulated as heroes when they behave like that towards half the population, there is nothing heroic about the way he conducts himself towards women.”

In last couple of days Gayle has been the talk of the town due to which his contract with Fairfax media as a paid column writer has been terminated. He’s been writing paid columns for them for more than one month now.